Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Pins and Needles

I've finished two off my gifts already this week.

Miss Anne's tiny tatted butterfly wasn't my best work ever, but considering I'm a month out of practice, I'm okay with that. It was mostly my picots (which is said pick-o and not peek-o no matter what the book says) - they were all loopy. But it was pretty, and I laid it out neatly in the letter, so maybe the USPS will flatten it out for me.

Miss Millie's flower pin turned out well. I want to tack the petals down in place, and I need to sew the pin on to the back, but I'm close to done.

I'm torn now, because I promised myself I would make the hats, but what I really want to do is tat. I think I'll use it as incentive to get the hats done quickly, then dive in to my tatting. I found a tatting group on Facebook to help inspire and motivate me, too.

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